The Care of New Gamers – Part I

A few years back, I saw this odd thing at a convention. The table was an Indie Games Track – tight, one-hour demos of various indie games, inspired by the hook you get when you play a hand of a CCG. “Oh, so that’s how it works. Huh. What happens next?”

So one of the GMs was pretty experienced – maybe 20 years of gaming under his belt. A couple of teenagers stopped by the table, and listened. In their enthusiasm, one blurted out a suggestion and was promptly told to fuck off by the GM. So they went away. And we didn’t see them back at the table.

Earlier in the day, I’d run a game where one of the teenagers had watched, but declined to join in. I’d been sure if he just got the right environment and saw how rewarding these games could be, he’d be hooked. But he never came back.


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