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Magpie Lords & Magpie Ladies

11pm last Monday, I really shouldn’t have been thinking of designs. But I’d been reading a review of My Life With Master and thinking about Scavenger Lords in Exalted. Probably my favorite bit of Exalted, even though they’re minor, derivative and unexplored.

Scavenger Lords are one part gang boss, one part vain academic, and one part Indiana Jones. They breeze into town, assistants in tow, and explore the ancient ruins nearby as mercenary archaologists. Best of all, this is considered a perfectly reasonable, even enviable career. But what would it like to be an apprentice to one of the Lords?

One thought led to another, and I backtracked from MLWM to Contenders, and have written most of a hack for that game. And it’s going well. The core traits like Pain and Hope are going to reskin to Cruelty and Trust. Rather than fights, we of course have dungeon exploration. And the in-ring traits map to the qualities of the gang the lords take with them.

There’s a couple of areas of spotlight time I’d like to sort out. Hopefully, if I can get over a nasty cold by the weekend, I’ll have the leedly grey cells ready to focus on those issues.