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Modern Things / Slip

Back in 2002 on The Forge I discussed a Sorcerer one-sheet called Modern Things. So Sorcerer’s demons became all technology everywhere, and the humanity scale was defined as how alienated the character was from reality. I wanted to tap into the folklore about computers that need a hug and/or blood sacrifice. Plus all those carnivorous taxis in The Wiz. about  It got a little design on my LJ at the time, but I didn’t have a group to play with, so the premise never got tested.

Then a design competition popped up on Story Games and I wrote Slip (PDF).

In Slip, characters drop down through sublevels of reality. The next closest level adds coincidence and gentle surrealism and feels like a Hollywood romcom. The one below that adds some threats as technology starts to wake up. Below that, the cars have an appetite. And then below that, technology is properly feral. Influences included Nightwatch, Amelie, and Vamp.

One gimmick was that the character sheet was triangular, and information was distributed over the sheets. During play, you rotated GMing and playing duties and rotated the character sheet similarly.

What the game doesn’t give is a chance for the characters to interact. It’s ‘pocket play’ – everyone gets their own story. So at some point I’ve got to write a game about getting lost on the wrong side of the city together.