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Vast, Cool & Unsympathetic

VCAU (PDF) doesn’t work mechanically… so much so that {1/the mechanic} would work just fine, but I don’t know how to get there.

Characters are Martian spies cast psychically across the void of space into Victorian bodies, just prior to the events of War of the Worlds. Find the human scum’s weaknesses and determine their strengths before the authorities catch on and shoot you.

The system is drawn cleanly from Polaris (you sit here, you do this) and Don’t Rest Your Head (roll these dice, and if the white Suspicion dice come up, follow with a Confrontation scene, etc). Inspirations included a session of a homebrew Transformers game where the bots had a hard time understanding junkyards (cemetary?) and trees (heat exchangers?).

VCAU was designed for Modus Operandi’s 24 hour ‘Espionage in Other Times’ competition. Malcolm Craig’s excellent Okhrana popped up there too.